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February Meeting Notice Minneapolis
Date: Thursday February 22nd, 2018
Topic: Managing Short-Term and Long-Term Risks – Landfills and Geosynthetics

In 1978 Love Canal focused attention on waste management as an important societal issue and, in particular, on the design of landfills. Thirty years later the Victorian (Australia) government declared a state-of-emergency and hundreds of people were evacuated because of excessive levels of methane in their homes. This talk discusses how lessons earnt from past problems and modern research have greatly influenced modern waste management and disposal in many parts of the world. It discusses the need for long-term performance of landfills and how understanding the factors affecting both component and system performance is essential to ensuring long-term environmental protection. It discusses examples where there has been excellent performance (environmental protection) due to liners in landfills and how this knowledge had been extended to the cleanup of contaminated soils from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

Location: Continuing Education Center, U of MN,
1890 Buford Avenue
St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota
(Pay parking is available in lots S104, S108 or the Gortner Avenue Ramp.)
6:00 pm Social Hour
7:00 pm Dinner: Buffet Style
8:00 pm
Presentation — Professor R. Kerry Rowe, PhD, D.Eng, DSc(hc), NAE, FRS, P.Eng

$30.00 professionals, $10 for full-time students
Pay online or make checks at the door payable to “MGS”

Reservations: Register | PDF Announcement (230 kb)
Requested by noon, Monday, February 19th, 2018

  (One professional development hour toward continuing education requirements for Professional Engineers is available.)


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